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August 24 2016

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for me it was a pretty bodily experience, and not least a autosexual one. meaning i masturbated for about 4 hours. and i can't say i regretted it, because it felt pretty amazing. unlike some stuff i have read i found it to be significantly less visual then 1P-LSD and AL-LAD, but that may be due to the dosage, the packaging said 100 µg but it might have degraded in the summer heat before i put it in the freezer. visual perception was only slightly enhanced and things like melting, drifting, symmetries, etc were almost absent. closed-eye visuals weren't prominent either, but i remember orgasms that felt like going thru a dark geometric tunnel and ginger beer felt like a firework-y lighting up of of lime green neon tubes. but it hardly compared to the flashy, bright and colourful visuals i remember from AL-LAD.

i also did't feel very "philosphical" during most of the trip,i remember one kinda profound idea, but it matches the experience of others that there is not much of a "mind-trip". unfortunately i had noone there who i would explore the social aspects with.

the body feel (especially on come-up) was rather heavy-feeling, not necessarily pleasant in itself, but not really unpleasant either. bodily 'abstraction' seemed pretty strong, when taking a walk i felt more like a floating field of vision then a human being making steps. that has it's disadvantages because i didn't feel my face and had no idea what kind of expression it had, i can only hope it was mildly friendly when i encountered other people at my walks. also i could not estimate temperatures. i felt that i was sweating quite a bit, and i was unpleasantly unsure about how hot it was. the bodily abstraction thing is something i had with pretty much all lysergamides i tried, tho. a hand mirror and an air thermometer would be a good investment for tripping.

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August 22 2016

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ayahuasca purification
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August 21 2016

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August 20 2016

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August 19 2016

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August 18 2016

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August 17 2016

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peyote cacti (cristada mutation)
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August 16 2016

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August 15 2016

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