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Drugchecking App banned from App Stores

Dear fellow harm-reduction & drug checking organisation,


The latest version of my app KnowDrugs has been banned from Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. Their argument:


We noticed that using your app may result in physical harm to the user or others. Specifically, your app serves as a pill identifier for illegal substances.


Although the app does not directly go against Apple's or Google's terms, they classify the app as encouraging illegal activities. Obviously Apple and Google are not yet aware of the fact, that drug checking is a concept intended to reduce the harms associated with the consumption of drugs.


Therefore I need your help to convince them to publish the app to their stores and revoke their ban. 


Those things might help:


-  documents or links to trustworthy sources (in particular official / governmental / health care related sources) that explain the concept of drug checking (in english)

- certificates of (tax) authorities that state the benefit to the public (Gemeinnützigkeit) of your organisation (and in particular your activities in drug checking)

- any other relevant documents or scientific sources about drug checking and harm-reduction

- forward this email through your mailing list or to persons or organisations who might be able to help


If you have any other ideas what would be a good line of argument, please let me know!


I'm thankful for any help!


It would be very sad if this self-started project would have to be discontinued. The initial concept proved to be working (more than 200 new installs per day and more than 5.000 active users in total for the first version of the app).



Thank you in advance for your support!

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