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Die Gewinnung von CBD-Öl

In Germany, the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food has approved about 50 different types of hemp.

The restriction is based on the fact that the THC content in the plants must not exceed 0.2 percent.

That means, for the cultivation of hemp, only certified seed may be used.

In addition, cannabis cultivation requires authorization.

Hemp is sown from April to May, four weeks later the second sowing takes place. The harvest takes place between July and maximum end of September, when the hemp is used by the industry.

However, if it comes to the extraction of seeds, the plant will remain on the fields until mid-October.
After that, the seeds are separated from the cannabis plant.

CBD oil is recovered by distillation. This term refers to a gentle, thermal separation process in which evaporable liquid or a solvent is separated from substances which are difficult to evaporate.
The vaporizable liquid is produced by the so-called maceration.

Hemp flowers are put into alcohol for this, so that the contained cannabinoids can be dissolved and cannabidiol extract can develop.

This extract is then mixed with high-quality hemp seed oil to form CBD oil.

The hemp oil is pressed in specialized oil mills with a temperature between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius, so that all valuable ingredients are kept.
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