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March 26 2015

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 Abzeichen der DEA
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March 14 2015

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albert ends the wars
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September 21 2013

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Nadszedl ten czas

May 17 2011

January 13 2011

January 09 2011

January 05 2011

Probably the most psychedelic instrumental album ever made.

December 06 2010

November 21 2010

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Die Volksdroge
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September 10 2010

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Der Rauschgiftplanet - Perry Rhodan Book
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March 19 2010

January 27 2010

Confessions of a Ketamine addict.

If I'm being true to myself I would say that I am a ket addict. however, being a student I can currently only afford a 3 gram blow out, once every fortnight or there abouts. More and more now to be fair it's just going down hill & I'm not doing myself any favours.

I believe that medicinally in sensible doses, ket can be beneficial. It's a thinking drug. It's not for everyone like but it stimulates and opens the mind so in my belief "ket therapy" could nurture those with autism and distract and / or to help along people suffering with emotional stress from something bad happening to them e.g someone dying as it pushes you towards looking at things from outside the box. This is affectionately named by hardcore ket cadets as "ket logic" and some swear by it. To be fair it is usually right but sometimes it can get it wrong. It's only your mind. It can't give you any new information and if you realise something which you've actually got wrong, you can feel so strongly about it that you act upon it and the shit hits the fan. I can only remember this happening to me once but the consequences were dire.

I often will have an epiphany of genius creativity on ket but struggle to get it down on paper. fist in hell if i could transpose these thoughts and visions directly onto a media format which could be viewed on a video screen I wouldn't have to worry about money for a long time but it doesn't work like that. assuming I can remember it when I come round, it's a minimum of 2 days before my brain properly comes back enough for me to string together complete sentences let alone be articulate enough to write creatively. after which time the moment is gone. that or ill get full on writers block. it can be quite frustrating.

long term effects...

I've fucked my nose up. Since I was 15 I have solely used my left nostril to sniff ket. There was method to my madness as I am left handed and In the club its quicker and less dodgy to key it. I can't key in the other nostril with either hand without spilling it. any other drug yeah fine but not ket cause the angles are all wrong!!! tell me you've been there! lets laugh cause it is funny. not so much in the cold light of day. 8 years down the line and the flesh in the left side of my nostril has dissolved away to a fraction of it's original thickness. every time I sniff (nose permanently snotty - bad weather and long term defence from the drugs i keep sticking up there) even without drugs the soft side sucks in and flattens. the other side doesn't as I've hardly ever used it. It's blatently obvious. I have deformed my face. the left side has gone floppy and isn't as plumped up as the other. It even feels softer. I've completely stopped using that nostril now but what do i do? quit and have a lop sided nose?! or start using the other nostril to even it out a bit?! I need to quit but at the same time i don't wanna look like a junkie and reconstructive surgery is not in my income bracket.

The effect it has on your internal organs...
I once bought in bulk and snorted half a bottle to myself over a weekend. my back started hurting which i put down to bad posture. it progressed into crippling lower back pain which didn't go away when I lied down. My dad's a nurse and when i told him what I'd done he explained that it was nothing to do with my back. What I was feeling was kidney pain. I didn't even know where my kidneys were situated before but I can genuinely say that I have never experienced anything like it. CRIPPLING agony which I wouldn't wish on anyone. not even my worst enemy. it takes the knees from under you. I spent the best part of a week spakrd out on my bed. It took Tramadol (a mild tablet form of morphine which should have been for my dads knee) to enable me to move as far as the toilet. It did do the trick like. to be fair it went straight to the source and took the edge off but its not something a doctor would generally dish out so others might not be so lucky.

I've seen 2 of my friends (female, I'm told it affects girls worse) have different but just as bad problems. One is younger than me and it attacked her bladder that badly that she started to wee herself and she had 2 go hospital. she'd wee'd the bed that many times that we had to get rid of the matress. The smell (of a poorly run nursing home) was overpowering and spread throughout the house.

my other friend has been hospitalised 6 times in 6 months, latest time being 8 days from it attacking her stomach. She is too scared to tell them what she's been doing though so they cant really do a lot for her.

bizarre experiences...

When I take enough ket I often have very spiritual experiences. I have seen the universe from every angle and have had more than one out of body experience where i find me, my soul, a spirit entity in the form of a bright white light looking down at my body. I have also found myself on a completely separate plane to the room i was in just minutes earlier. I feel so enlightened by these experiences that emotionally I find it hard to come back. the "comedown" from these experiences, apart from withdrawal symptoms is a bout of depression and / or suicidal thoughts.
the thought track is always the same... "we shouldn't be here. why are we here?? how are we here?? how could we possibly exist?? and floating above me is a voice saying "well there's only one thing for it then. you'll have to go and kill yourself. go on do it! go on then". this voice is so persuasive i can feel my body trying so hard to comply. I would never go through with it as Im strong willed and very strongly apposed to acts of suicide. my believe is it's weak and there's always another way. It does make u think though. being not far off immune I no longer appreciate how strong ket actually is. It's a powerful drug and people should be more aware of the consequences. I'm not saying don't do it cause I can't imagine my life without it. it's nice and to be fair that's the point. there wouldn't BE a point otherwise. I'm just saying that you don't think of the consequences until they materialise and smack u round the face. it's not funny.

with regard to the spiritual experiences. are they real? are they in my head? maybe I am really close to god from being that close to death??? the American Indian's used peyote for spiritual enlightenment. maybe it unlocks the door?? maybe i'm full of shit. to be fair no one can know for sure until they die. what say u?

  - Bouncy-Ben, Mixmax comment section
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